6 thoughts on “کاریکاتورهای آشیان محیط زیست

  1. I like this post.Thanks for your effort

    • sorry but I disagree with it .do u know why …why because its not the petrol that we should be worried about، its the quality of the petrol that were using and also modern countries are using petrol a lot even more than us but we dont see there as much as troble we do have in our country

      • Almost 70% of air pollution in Iran is derived from vehicles which are due to several issues as following:
        The quality of usage petrol in vehicles
        The design of vehicles such as car and motorcycle produced in Iran
        The lack of proper public transportation such as metro, bus and etc
        The lack of environmental ethics and culture
        The lack of strict rules about air pollution

  2. سلام یک خسته نباشی به دست اندر کاران این وبسایت و ممنون از وبسایت عالیتون

  3. خیلی جالبه..
    و اکسیژن هم که اصلا یافت نمیشه…

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